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They are hosted on a website called the Lad Bible and are being shared in their thousands by its 17 million followers, across stay at home stocks Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. LADbible is owned by The LADbible Group Ltd and generates revenue through online advertising.

  • Although LadBible had its roots in sexist Facebook pages, it long ago reinvented itself as a youth-focused publisher best known for viral social media posts aimed at men and women.
  • A large volume of content began to be added to the site, and in 2013, the parent company was renamed from The Lad Bible Limited to The Global Social Media Group Limited.
  • At the end of the second day of Lad interrogations, co-founder ‘Solly’ Solomou pops in for a quick chat.

Don’t mistake this scale for a blunt-force approach. Content is meticulously picked to generate engagement. Anything that doesn’t meet expectations is purged so it doesn’t kill the page’s algorithmic momentum. Some failures get a second life with a different post strategy, others are relegated to the tough lessons bin. euro vs.dollar history LadBible makes money through its ‘blended advertising’ model of on-site advertising, branded content and third-party platform ads. In 2019 it saw a 160% rise in display advertising revenue over six months as it was able to better monetise its social audience through an increased focus on efficient data management.

Agencies regularly source “conversation starters” for pitch decks from it, as well as creative “hooks” once work is given the green light. LADbible Group is a  British Digital Publisher which is much more popular in the United Kingdom. It is one of the most developed digital content publishers in the world right now. The entertainment brand mainly targets young adults who are between 18 to 34 years old in the United Kingdom.

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The publisher shares thousands of pieces of content across countless social platforms. At a glance, it’s snackable, subtitled, short and mostly brand safe. Lindsay Turner, director of marketing and communications, takes me through the Instagram feed on her phone. She has liked some of the posts but then, so had many. It creates money mainly from brands like Lynx, PlayStation, and KFC.

Our media editor explores the biggest media buys and the trends rocking the sector. I spot an interesting rig where a high-spec TV camera is attached to a mobile phone filming in vertical mode. There is no one-size-fits-all solution more elegant than this beastly camera rig. The reception area of LadBible’s London office is decked out in black gloss and red neon and signed football memorabilia. Just out of sight from the parade of visiting gangsters, Love Islanders and media-trained footballers are ranks of bespectacled professionals deeply immersed in dashboards. Alexander “Solly” Solomou is the founder of the Ladbible group.

They have a scale, to see just how ’out-there’ they can take the work. To activate effectively on social, brands have to be able to flex in this way. As the years pass, brands don’t need to be as brave as they once were to work with the Lads. Catch up on the most important stories of the day, curated by our editorial team. One thing above all stuck out from this conversation. He claims that LadBible publishes less content than its rivals.

  • Many organizations and companies advertise on its sites.
  • It can be painful to watch branded content in front of those who made it when a great deal of it is rubbish.
  • As the years pass, brands don’t need to be as brave as they once were to work with the Lads.
  • I’m not a regular, but I appreciate how light it is and how it made me laugh.

It has already covered the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and USA audiences. In the United States, it has a large audience without a staff. LadBible has a number of key personnel that have helped progress the company to its current multi-billion dollar valuation. LadBible showed a pre-tax profit of £2.1 million on revenues of £29 best indicator for forex trading million for the 2019 period, according to its latest accounts. This compares to a profit of £3.6 million on sales of £20.4 million for the 2018 period. The decline in profits for the most recent figures is revealed in the company’s strategic report as being down to ‘continued investment in people and ‘exceptional costs’ in the year’.

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He lists the exact months a bunch of algorithm changes happen. Thankfully, he catches himself before launching into a lengthy lecture on aspect ratio selection. As I go deeper, I am surprised by just how exacting the platform gatekeepers are. It turns out you can learn quite a lot from this content flywheel. LAD bible is a United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia-based digital publisher.

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Other than that so many offices are in London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. In the United States, it has earned a huge audience too. If you use Facebook, the chances are that you have seen the material – videos of Rambo-themed stag parties, mobile discos paraded through supermarket aisles, or a man changing a nappy wearing a gas mask. Breaking celebrity news and the latest showbiz gossip.

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The documentary discusses the various failures that many believe led to the incident, including the tiny 3ft barrier between the gorilla enclosure and the public. He is now at the centre of a new feature-length documentary, Harambe, which was released on Sunday 24 September to tie in with World Gorilla Day. With fears for the child’s life, zoo staff killed the huge gorilla, saying they were left with no choice. LadBible last month announced it had made a half-year pre-tax loss of £1.9m, which it mainly attributed to the costs of hiring more staff. This recent expansion has made the sudden redundancies even more surprising for employees. The Manchester-based company blamed the state of the economy, which it variously attributed to the war in Ukraine, the hangover from Covid lockdowns and growing price inflation caused by “political instability”.

LadBible was founded by 31-year-old Alexander “Solly” Solomou, who retains a substantial stake but cashed in shares worth about £50m when it floated last December. Since then the share price has fallen by 65% as the market soured on media and tech stocks, leaving some investors facing hefty losses. Mike Vaughan has been at the business since almost the very beginning.

It has a slim 50 journalists and he believes it “really punches above its weight”. Then, in a central kitchen area, an expensive-looking coffee machine has a laminated sign sellotaped on, reading ‘Do NOT use this machine during filming’. It rattles into life once during my visit and shakes the premises like an industrial cement mixer. There’s always filming going on in the Lad Studio, I realize. There is a second studio opening in the Manchester office soon. I’m not a regular, but I appreciate how light it is and how it made me laugh.

While he was at University, Solomou had the idea to start up a social media publishing business. He started his business as The Lad Bible Limited on 3rd April 2012. Then Arian Kalantari joined with Solomou as the director of the business and developed it into a LADbible project. The company’s challenge in recent years has been to maintain a relevance in its messaging and brand perception to maximise its proposition to advertisers and shake off the perception of having a lower-quality inventory. The company has since introduced polls onsite to seek feedback from readers on topics and commercial initiatives, helping the company refine topics and see how users react to campaigns. LadBible has been noted for a reliance on referral traffic from social sites, particularly Facebook, as a means of distributing its content.

Alexander has cashed worth 50 million pounds and retains worth about 150 million pounds. The publisher group earned more than $1 million per annum from advertising. LadBible is said to be still largely owned by its founders, although the stakes they hold in the business are unclear.

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